A little bit about me

I am a registered nutritional therapist specialising in nutrition for stress, anxiety & the period from preconception to postpartum.


My own journey to pregnancy and parenthood was an unexpected struggle. This impacted on all areas of my life, mentally, physically & emotionally. I experienced periods of anxiety and felt in a constant state of stress which further added to my fertility issues. 

However through my struggle it gave way to a new appreciation of food and nutrition and how I could influence my health by making certain choices.

What do I do?

My aim is to encourage and empower people to nourish themselves. So that we can feel our best, to ensure we are eating without guilt and unnecessary restriction, rather with self-respect and joy. 

There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there regarding what a healthy diet actually looks like. The thing is, each person is different and therefore our diet and lifestyle requirements are different and should be approached individually. 


My job is to help you identify the nutrients and lifestyle choices that make you thrive, help you commit to and shape your life around those choices, so that you can feel your best. I provide personalised advice and ensure your diet is balanced, with the joint goal of feeling good and functioning well. 


Areas in which I can guide & support you include

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Menstrual regularity & understanding the phases of your cycle

  • Supporting healthy fertility of both partners

  • Supporting you & your baby throughout pregnancy

  • Promoting psychological & emotional wellbeing

  • Looking at your lifestyle and environmental factors 

  • Supporting detoxification abilities and pathways of elimination

  • Support the health of your gastrointestinal system to improve digestion and absorption

  • Optimising energy levels

  • Supporting a healthy immune system.

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