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What happens beyond birth? 
We spend much of our pregnancy focused on caring for the baby we are carrying. We focus on maintaining and protecting our health for their development and preparing ourselves for birth.
But whats comes after this and how can we prepare, preserve and prevent our mental wellbeing from declining?

Beyond Birth offers 6 weeks to explore together with your partner the changes that may come as new parents. Each week gives you the space to discuss your expectations, the challenges ahead and how the rollercoaster of emotions may impact you. You will learn tools, which will enable you to ground and calm yourself in those early days, the space also provides you and your partner the chance to develop an understanding of how to support each other through this transition. 

Most of the health related care we receive during pregnancy is directed towards the health of the baby and what the baby will need when they arrive, while all of this is important, why is there so little support for the changes that parents experience both during birth and beyond? 

We experience a huge transition once our baby arrives, with preparation and support we can learn to navigate this time. 

As we become parents our priorities change, our values, our perspective, we begin to see things differently. It's an important time to readdress our expectations, otherwise we can soon become depleted and find the changes challenging and overwhelming. 

Beyond Birth is designed to hold space for you to explore how to be accountable for your mental wellbeing, building awareness and understanding around our changing needs as we become parents. 

There are 6 sessions to explore, which help to develop and improve mental coping skills and maintain emotional balance during one of the most challenging and transformative times in our life. They are designed to help you help yourself, learning new skills and techniques that you can take into everyday life for yourself and your family. The space enables you to have open and honest conversations about both the highs and lows of parenting. 

These sessions are trauma informed, and will explore the the following topics; 


  1. Nurture: Discussion around self-care, preserving space for our needs, sleeping and resting.

  2. Emotions: Exploring vulnerability as a parent or parent to be, discussion around crying and basic infant neuroscience.

  3. Connection: Looking at relationships, both with ourselves and with our partners and family as a whole, information around oxytocin and building connection. 

  4. Healing & Recovery: From pregnancy, birth, labour, talking about forgiveness, gratitude, expectations, and our relationship to shame/guilt and fear.

  5. Nourish: How to nourish ourselves and our babies physically, mentally and emotionally.

  6. Transformation: Moving forward, talking about acceptance, new habits, intuition and embracing the vulnerabilities of parenting.

These sessions run for 6 weeks, with each session lasting 1 hour. Mindfulness, relaxation, journaling and conversation will shape the session and you will have space and time to reflect on your own journeys as parents, whilst having an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your partner and your baby.

Often there is a fine line between wanting to prepare for the baby and those tough early days and feeling overwhelming with information and fearful of what lies ahead. These sessions help bridge the gap by provided space to discuss the challenges while putting in place tools to support and manage those challenges, helping to encourage communication and connection. Often we wait until there is a problem before looking for a solution, this is a proactive step in preparing ourselves for what lies ahead, enabling us to protect and preserve our mental health.


If this sounds like something you & your partner would benefit from, please reach out for more information. I offer 6 weekly sessions online via Zoom or in the comfort of your own home.
Group sessions coming soon...

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