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Before anything happens I offer a Free 30 minute chat, so we can discuss your needs, what support you're after and whether we are the right fit for each other. You can use the calendar at the bottom of the page to schedule your free 30 minute discovery call now.

It's time to focus on your needs 

You have potentially found this page because you're at a turning point. You’ve decided that something has to change, you need to start prioritising you and start putting your health and mental wellbeing first.

As parents and parents to be we are always looking for information or guidance on how to navigate the transitional time from pregnancy to parenting. We want to prepare as best we can for the arrival of our baby, and honestly the best way to do this is to nurture ourselves and understand the changing needs of our physical a mental health at this time. 

So if your looking for support to help keep your health and mental wellbeing in balance while you transition from pregnancy to parenting your in the right place. 

Do you feel

Like your struggling and that your just getting though each day. 

Exhausted & fatigued both physically and mentally?

Like your hormones are out of balance?

Digestive disturbances like bloating, pain and discomfort are taking over? 

Confused about the changing demands being placed on your body?

Unprepared for your recovery after birth and nervous about how to nourish yourself during early parenting?

Do you want to

Cultivate healthy habits and understand the connection between food, mood and our health. 

Restore and replenish your energy

Nurture healthy sleeping habits.

Learn how to listen to what your mind and body needs in order to feel its best.

Understand stress, how to manage and reduce the impact it has on our health. 

Feel more grounded and connected so that life feels less overwhelming.

Reconnect with yourself, so you can feel stronger, confident and more comfortable in your body. 

Build healthy foundations on which your family can grow.


I'm here to support you so you can support yourself & your family  

So are you ready to change your experience? Are you ready to take some decisive steps in your life and feel back in control of your health?

I would love to help you

Everyone is individual and requires a different approach when it comes to nutritional and lifestyle changes. Therefore whether you need a more hands on approach, with more communication between appointments. Or you need a deeper understanding into certain health conditions via tests and hormonal panels. Or perhaps you need a standard set of rolling appointments to help navigate you to your long term health goals, there is an option to suit your personal needs.


This is a process that takes time. Which is why I only work with parents and parents to be for a minimum of 12 weeks, this allows the space to make sustainable and manageable changes which will last.

Prices start from £350, and includes the following:


  • In-depth medical history & health questionnaire, completed prior to our initial appointment.

  • 90 minute initial consultation where we dig deeper into understanding your specific needs.

  • Regular consultations - either monthly, biweekly or weekly depending on the programme you choose. These appointments offer us time to connect and discuss how your getting on, reviewing and amending the programme as you progress. These sessions offer us the space to talk about your progress and how your feel about moving forward, gradually introducing new recommendations. 

  • A tailored and comprehensive personalised nutritional and lifestyle protocol. 

  • Bespoke supplement recommendations if required.

  • Diagnostic testing recommendations if appropriate. 

  • Nutritional knowledge that will equip you to live a healthier life

  • Coaching, motivation, accountability and support throughout

  • Unlimited contact during our 12 weeks via email or message.

  • Personalised recipes if required. 

  • This programme is currently offered online via Zoom.​

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