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Nutrition Packages

Everyone is individual and requires a different approach when it comes to diet and lifestyle changes, therefore whether you need a more hands on approach, with more communication between appointments or whether you need a deeper understanding into certain health conditions via tests and hormonal panels, or perhaps you need a standard set of rolling appointments to help navigate you to your long term health goals, there is an option for everyones needs. If you don't find what your looking for below, feel free to contact me and we can build a package to your needs. 


Please use the form on the contact page to get in touch with any questions you have, to book your free 10 minute discovery call or to schedule an appointment.

30 Day Health Re-set Programme £200

Includes 1x 90 minute initial consultation followed by weekly 30 minute (3 of these appointments over 30 days) consultations. I have found that regular communication, contact & support helps you change your health and lifestyle habits more successful. Making changes and building new habits is hard so regular coaching is key to reaching your goals. (Programme is to be completed over 30 consecutive days). 

We will address any current symptoms of dis-ease you are experiencing and look at the underlying causes. 

I have an approach which focuses on you and your habits specifically and we look together at how we can re-build and re-frame your perception of your physical, mental and emotional health. 

We will achieve this by building a framework to include changes to your sleep & routine, your mindset, your perception and priority to rest and of course how you nourish yourself.

Preconception & Fertility £420

Includes 1 x 90 minute initial consultation followed by 5 x 60 minute consultations (one every two weeks).

People often think it takes 9 months to grow a baby, however a period of 3-6 months prior to conception offers the chance to maximise your health and that of your future child. 

Wherever you are on your fertility journey, you will benefit from a tailor-made nutrition programme. 

I support couples who are thinking of trying to conceive in the near future, those who are having difficulty conceiving, are experiencing recurrent miscarriages, and those who want to optimise their chances of IVF success.

Pregnancy & Postpartum £420

Includes 1 X 90 minute initial consultation, 3 x 60 minute consultations throughout pregnancy to support the changing demands of each trimester, followed by 2 x 60 minute consultations within the first 6 weeks postpartum. 

Pregnancy places a huge pressure on your mind & body. During pregnancy, your baby depends on you for all the nutrients required for healthy growth and development, therefore it is vital that your diet is nutrient dense. Additionally the benefit of following a well designed nutrition programme before and during pregnancy means you can decrease your risk of things like morning sickness & gestational diabetes among other pregnancy conditions. 

The most common issues for women postpartum are things like exhaustion & changes in mood, which are often exacerbated by fluctuating levels of hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone and thyroid hormones along with lack of sleeping and the introduction of breastfeeding.

While it is an exciting new chapter there is lots going on inside your body while your establishing a new bond with your baby.  Your body is trying to repair and heal, while producing milk and regulating your hormones. 

You may feel like you now have time restraints, and higher priorities but if you don't look after your health first and foremost then you won't be in a position to nurture and care for your family. Your health is key to laying the foundations in the family home.