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Meet Jessica

Registered Nutritional Therapist,

Home Cook &

Retreat Chef

I specialise in helping mothers find a new approach to health in the period from preconception to postpartum and beyond. I believe supporting mothers during this transitional time can also shape the overall health of our families too. 

My own journey to pregnancy and into motherhood was an unexpected struggle and this impacted on so many areas of my life, mentally, physically and emotionally. 

I experienced periods of anxiety, felt in a constant state of stress and became disconnected from my body, all of which added to my fertility issues. My health problems didn't suddenly disappear when I finally became pregnant following IVF.

I now use my personal experience and professional knowledge to help women reclaim their health. Would you like to understand the power food and daily habits have on your health, would you like to get to the root cause of your issues once and for all so you can start living life?


Book your free call to see how I can help. 

Jessica Mae
Forest Path

Aligning Health to Nature

I believe our health lies in the balanced rhythms of nature. When we can connect to nature we can also deepen our understanding of ourselves and our personal health.

Often we can feel like we have little control over our bodies, or that our bodies are battling against us. Nutritional therapy as the name suggests, offers nutritional support and a therapeutic environment in which to explore your health. It provides the foundation for uncovering the causes of your health concerns and gives you back personal agency so that you can feel less overwhelmed and more capable of nurturing yourself.

Nature connection provides space to reconnect internally and externally. We all know we feel calmer and less stressed in nature and over the years I've become more aware of how nature and being connected with it influences my health. I work by aligning the two.

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