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The Mother Plan

Batch Cooking Service, making delicious & nutritious food for you

Nourishing Home Cooked Food Packages
for parents across Suffolk

Having worked with women during pregnancy and postpartum over the past 5 years as a registered nutritionist, it has become increasingly clear that while informing and sharing knowledge around health and nutrition is helpful and beneficial to many, there is also a bigger need for hands on support and help with putting the knowledge into practice, specifically when talking about postpartum.


It is already a hugely monumental time in your life, so much is happening with your physical, emotional and mental health while you try to heal, recover and bond. It doesn't leave much time or inclination for cooking, prepping, meal planning or food shopping. But this postpartum period is such an important time to be nourished and well fed. So I birthed The Mother Plan.   


The Mother Plan takes your personal health into consideration, with an in-depth chat regarding your health history, any concerns you currently have, any specific issues or areas of your health you want to address and we focus on how you envision postpartum looking for you.

With all this information I then design your Mother Plan, a bespoke food package that will support and nourish you personally.

The Mother Plan is evidence based, person centred and food focused. You will receive Support, connection, knowledge, resources and food so that you can thrive rather than just survive.

Food is Medicine

The Mother Plan created for those who Mother, in any capacity. 

Anyone who care, supports and mothers another needs to be nourished and nurtured too. 

Made with simple nutritious ingredients, with the focus of restoring and supporting your health.

How does it work?


Start with a chat about your health & what dishes you want from my menu.


I will prep dishes & snacks for your fridge & freezer


I deliver your dishes along with supportive nutritional resources 


Prices start at £150 which includes five dishes & snacks.


Delivery radius & costs of delivery discussed when booking

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