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Why Nature Connection?

Nature connection walks can help people in two ways.

It provides an outer pathway through natural landscapes. We all know being outdoors in nature boosts our wellbeing, it also helps us becomes more mindfully present, and is proven to aid health in numerous ways.

It also provides an inner pathway to greater self awareness, insight and clarity. Giving ourselves space to listen to our own inner wisdom, our own true nature. 

It's about depth of connection with self and nature. Moments in nature matter more than minutes in nature. It's not about getting somewhere, it's about tuning in. 


Our bodies are signalled by what we experience in nature. The sounds, the sights, the smells. 

They can all help break the habitual stuck patterns we experience. It allows us to have greater awareness of the environment and offers the space to get out of our heads and into our bodies.

Natural environments also have relaxing effects on physiological responses, it can lower our heart rate, cortisol levels, lower pulse rate and blood pressure. It has effects on inflammatory cytokines and blood glucose levels and can help shift us from the sympathetic state to a healing state. P
racticing Natural Mindfulness, Forest Bathing and Forest & Nature Therapy can Improve immune system functioning; Increase relaxation; Reduce stress; Restore cognitive fatigue; Improve mood; Reduce depression; Enhance vitality; Boost energy levels; Decrease rumination; Lower anxiety levels; Aid sleep and Improve cardiovascular health. 

The cycles of our environment also dictate our chronobiology, when we sleep, eat, when we are active and when we rest.
The more we connect to this natural state the more we connect to ourselves and our personal health and wellbeing.


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