Nourished Minds Workshop


What is it?

An informative workshop to help support your mind and body cope with stress & anxiety in modern life. You will learn how to consciously orientate yourselves in times of overwhelm and unease, and navigate back to a calmer more connected state through self-regulation.


We will look at brain health, the nervous system, the gut-brain axis, nourishing our mental and physical health with food, sleep and lifestyle adjusts and how all this can help balance out stressed and anxious bodies. 


As a nutritional therapist the workshop is approached from a scientific evidence based approach, combining knowledge of the anatomy and physiology and how nutrition can support and balance the body through periods of stress and anxiety. Information is also based on my own experience of stress and anxiety management and how lifestyle adaptations can support our health. 


Who is the workshop for?

Are you feeling stressed out? 

Do you understand what is causing you to feel stressed? 

Do you experience insomnia, fatigue, digestive disturbances, irritability?

Would you like to learn how to understand and regulate your nervous system to cope with stress better? If any of the above apply to you then you will find this workshop helpful.  

Basically anyone who wants to learn and understand how stress & anxiety manifests in the body and how they can regulate and learn to manage, support and cope with the pressure of modern daily living. 

Whether stress is impacted on your energy levels, work, fertility, emotional responses, sleep or relationships this workshop will help you to establish a deeper grounding in your day to day living. Helping you feel healthier, calmer and more content. 


What is included?

  • 2.5 hour workshop exploring all the foundational information.

  • Highlighting foods which will nourish and support our nervous system during periods of stress and anxiety.

  • Guidance in how to build routines that honour our circadian rhythm.

  • Understanding how to build new lifestyle habits into daily life. Learning how meditation, nature and movement can help support our stressed lives. 

  • 10% of any of my nutritional packages for further one to one guidance.


The workshop is a small informal gathering with only 10 spaces available.

Dates coming soon…...

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